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My wife Robbie Wichterich supports   Truck Stop Ministry

     Truck Stop Ministry is reaching truckers at the TA #180 truck stop in Slidell, LA on I-10, exit 266.  Chapel services are every Sunday at 8 am - 9:30 am in the TV room.

     You will receive a KJV Bible for attending a chapel service.  And a Book Mark which will direct you through the Book Mark page on this site.

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      Come in and see what the Lord is doing at the TA truck stop in Slidell, La.  If there is no anointing in a ministry then what is the purpose for it?

     Worshiping Jesus is the reason to attend a chapel service.  It's about Him not us.  The messages and ministries of this Truck Stop Ministry Chapel Service will either move you toward faith in Christ or it will drive you out of the room.

     We are there to minister the Word of God to you.  We are not there to play church or to play around with the ministry of God.  Reaching truckers with the gospel of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is the only reason we show up at the TA truck stop.

     If that is not the purpose of any truck stop ministry then all you will get of that ministry is "religion" and "religious works" placed upon you.  We desire the Holy Spirit to burn a desire within you to hunger and thirst after Him.

     Thirst means to crave for a fluid,  and the fluid I am talking about is the Holy Spirit of God.

     Jesus said whoever drinks of the water that He gives will never thirst again.  He is talking about the Spirit which He wants you to have.
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The Will of God

  Kerry Brian Wichterich
Evangelist, Pastor, Driver    Read Chaplain Kerry's Testimony

K. B. Wichterich - Ordained minister of the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ.
     Kerry has served as an Evangelist, as a Pastor, as a President for a Christian Biker Club, as a Counselor, officiated both weddings and funeral ceremonies, and now serves as a Chaplain to truckers.
     Kerry was born in New Orleans in February 1959 and then born-again on Spetember 30, 1979 on a Sunday around 11:45 am in New Orleans.

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Optimus Flame!  My first and only truck.


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"Take Up The Cross And Follow Me" - The Lord Jesus

Truck Stop Ministry

Truck Stop Ministry, helping truckers (also bikers and travelers) come to a real living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Truckers who attend a Truck Stop Ministry Chapel Service hear the message of the
Redemption, one similar to this:

Gospel of John 1:12 "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:"

This is one of the greatest statements in the gospel!
If you will receive Jesus Christ today, He will impart His life into you! And you will become a child of God!

Jesus said, "You must be born again!" You will have a new kind of life given to you!

The love of Jesus is what you need today! His life will give you peace and joy in your heart!

The life of Christ will heal your diseases! The life of Jesus Christ will drive out every sickness and every demon from your life! The life of Jesus the Christ will restore your blind eyes and your deaf ears!

The life of Christ will cleans your flesh of every sickness and every disease!

The Bible says, "He that has the Son of God has Life!...But he that does not have the Son, does not have life! The Bible says, "He that is in Christ Jesus is a new creature!" And "All things are possible!” AND “All things become new!"

The Bible says, “He forgives all thine iniquities!” AND “He heals all my diseases!”

The Bible says that the sick and the diseased came to Christ, and just one touch from Jesus, and their sickness and disease were gone!

When the blind man cried out to Jesus, just one touch from the Lord and his blind eyes received sight again!

You should contact Chaplain Kerry Click Here

Oh my friends, just one touch from Jesus today, and your life will be made every way whole! His life is just as miraculous today as it ever was! He is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

Jesus said Satan comes to kill, and to steal, and to destroy. BUT, listen to this... Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life! And that you may have life more abundantly!”

The Bible says that “These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Son of God!” And by “Believing, you may have life through His name!”

He is here right now, that He may impart His miracle life to every one of you who will believe! This is true Christianity! This is not religion! This is a miracle! A life from Jesus! Not a dream! This is a life from a person! Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

When you receive His life today He’ll blot out every sin! He’ll heal every disease! You’ll be born again! You’ll become a new creature! It will be a miracle! Receive Jesus right now!

Accept His life now! Only believe! If you are willing to accept Him now, I want you to repeat this prayer out loud right now! “Oh, Lord in Heaven.....I accept Jesus as my Savior.....I believe on Jesus Christ.....Come into my life, Lord.....Forgive my sin.....Make me every way clean, even unto my soul.....Give joy within my heart.....Peace within my soul.....Make Me Your Child Lord!.....And from this day I will follow Jesus.....Thank You Lord!....

May I say to you, that you.... are now...... a Child of the King!




     Be at these Chapel Services which take place each Sunday at 8am (In the Trucker's TV room).

    Anointed Preaching & Teaching will touch your heart only because of the fact that the Lord Jesus is raised form the dead and is alive!

  He is within each believer showing Himself strong and loving toward this sinful generation.   Every trucker who is believing and willing to embrace His word does sense His presence and love for them.

     Through this redemption based teaching and through each believer's faith in Jesus Christ's redemption for us, truckers experience that what the Lord wants has for them.

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Cajun Trucker's Holy 10
 (Commandments Dat Is!)
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1. Jus' be One' dats all.
2. Don't pray to nuttin' or nobody...jus' God.
3. Don't choo say; "I am His"... then be livin' life different and...don't be cussin' nobody.
4. Rememba' dis', when its da 7th day... Don't choo be workin'...pass yo' self by da church house.
5. Listen to mama an' you daddy...ALL da time.
6. Don't be killin' nobody...deer, duck, alligata' dats OK, jus' choot em' .
7. God done gave a wife to ya'....jus' sleep wit' her.
8. Don't choo be takin' nuttin'...jus' leave-it-alone.
9. Always told da troot...da whole' nuttin' but the troot.
10. Don't choo go wontin' nobody stuff...

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